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Male 30% under 25 27%
Female 70% Between 25-65 58%
    Over 65 15%

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Low Budget Explorer 30% Comfortable Explorer 14%
Relaxed Resort Visitor 14% Foreign Family Visitor 13%
Partying and Socializer 14% Atheletic Traveler 14%

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How do you prepare before you travel?

  • A packing list
  • Going sailing
  • Go camping during holiday

Discovering distant places

  • Photo Assignment: Get Creative!
  • Travelling Alone

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Diary study

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  • Wednesday
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This community is sparkling with inspiration and great insights. The people are curious, insightful and willing to open up. 

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Theme 1:

How do you prepare before you travel?

TOPIC 1: "A packing list"

The question:

There are different ways to prepare for a trip. One of the most obvious things that comes with good preparation is making a packing list. 
•    Do you always make a packing list when you go on trips?
•    Which 3 things should definitely not be missing from your packing list?
•    Do you have any other strategies in order to not forget anything?
I would love to hear what you put on your packing list!

Insights So Far:

preliminary conclusion / hypothesis

People would love an app for their packing, however do not have the time to create a list. General findings are that a pre-fabricated list would be great, even people who normally pack on the fly would use it.

Topic statistics

A packing list


Number of participants 8

Number of responses 17

Number invited 197

Interesting User Quotes

...I would love an app, then I could do this on my phone and keep a record of what I still need to do.  This wouldn’t just help my packing but the whole holiday... 

-- John

I would love a tick list I could download and then just have this remind me what to take, then I wouldn’t forget anything. I could create one but I just never have time

-- Christina

TOPIC 2: "Photo Assignment: Get Creative!"

The question:

Upload here your collage of your perfect holiday. This could be via pictures, drawings and can include people, serenity or however you see your perfect holiday! 

We look forward to see your ideas!

To start I will kick of with my perfect holiday visual. 

The insights:

People with children identified very different needs for their holiday than people without. People without identified important factors as relaxing and me time, whereas the parents are children focused: happy children: happy parent(s).

Topic statistics

Photo Assignment: Get Creative!


Number of participants 4

Number of responses 5

Number invited 197

Most inspiring photo:

This is my son's perfect holiday: The moon

-- Mark

Most insightful photo:

-- Annie